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Diet Free Life Challenge

  • What is the Diet Free Life Challenge? This Challenge is all about a change. Positive change we bring into our lives trough new -better conscious choices leading to long lasting changes
  • How long does the challenge take? It starts right now-when you decide that you are worthy and you do deserve more, to become healthier, fitter, happier and more balanced version of your self. And when does it stop? The right question is, do you want it to stop? Ones you taste the feeling of the well being, healthy body and mind, your perfect weight you will not turn back. For the beginning we will set a time frame for one week, and than another, and than another goal until it becomes a habit of yours- living healthy and feeling great 

Are you ready? Lets start!

First thing in the morning after you woke up- Get hydrated. Your body needs water and so does your mind. Your body consists of around 60% water-when you sleep you do sweat and body gets slowly dehydrated. What is the best amount of water to drink in the morning? You should be drinking around 250 ml water after you wake up. If you like lemons, adding 1/2 lemon juice into the water is even better for you! On an average day you should be drinking everywhere between 1,5-3 litres a day. Depending on your climate, daily exercise- when you do lots of cardio or any sweaty exercise automatically your water intake will go up. #Do you find it difficult to drink more  water, or you just don’t like the taste? Try this infused water recipes 

Making heatlhy food choices is the key to successfull weight loss. Eating healthy does not mean eating food that does not taste good. Quite the opposite! Eating healthy can be even more delicious. Are you questioning? 🙂 Lets try one of the healthy recipes on this blog that are easy, delicious and you know what else? Kids love them too. So what should you eat a day? Hm that is an fantastic question. What do you like to eat? just make an healthy version of it, and eat moderate amounts. And you know what else? is full of those delicious recipes, so lets get inspired and try them out!

Next on the list is movement. You don’t heave to go to gym or exercise every day if you are beginner or its just not for you. Find a form of movement you like. Daily walks on a fresh air are a great start – and have many healthy benefits. While you are on a walk take deep slow breaths in, and out. Enjoy the fresh air, oxygen entering your body, sunshine, evening coolness- be present in the moment. One of the best things on walking outside is- there are no limits, you can change the neighbourhood, park, go to the woods, walk on a beach and you can walk as long as you want- but for the beginning lets set your self a goal of walking at least 15 minutes a day on a fresh air for the first week and you will see how much you like it.

You Time- Take time for yourself and if its just 5 minutes it is a start! You have so many options from gratitude, journaling, deep breathing, meditation, lying or sitting still in a present moment, watching your kids play- anything that keeps you grounded and relaxed in a moment. Are you beginner, getting overwhelmed by all the choices? Lets try this for a first week- lay down on you back in a comfortably with your hands along your body, close your eyes and take a deep slow breath in and out, relax your body and your mind and yes if your mind is overthinking that’s normal it will get used to it, let all the thought go and flow and continue breathing. If you want set an alarm on your phone for 5 minutes at the beginning and see how it goes. Not everyone is the meditative tip, some people like to relax with cup of tea, sitting still and enjoying the moment and that’s fine as long as it feels good to you!