Easy Juice for glowing skin

This delicious and easy green juice is especially benefitial for healthy, hydrated skin. It gives your skin a radiant glow, can help clear acne, and takes only a few minutes to prep and juice. Glowing Skin Green Juice is filled with hydrating, nutrient-rich ingredients that make your skin bright and clear. Tip: prepare your juice for 3 days in advance and store in a glass bottle in fridge. Drink one full glass- around 250 ml a day, best in the morning. If you don’t have a glass bottle, you can reuse clean glass bottle from milk or any glass jar. Storing juice in glass will keep it fresh and keep it nutritional value.

Portions: 3 Servings

Time: 10 Minutes

Ingredients: 3 Packs of Celery, 3 Green Apples, 1 Lemon, 50 g Ginger

How To: Peel lemon and ginger. Wash celery and apples in white vinegar water to properly remove all the dirt. Cut everything into pieces that fit into your juicer and juice.