Going Gluten Free & Sugar Free

Day 1-3 what I eat

Recently I wasn’t very satisfied not only with my weight but also overall health. After plenty of research I have decided to give Gluten free – sugar free diet (keeping fruits in my diet) a go. Not only to lose few extra kilos I have gained (around 10 kg) in last few years but also reduce inflammation in body and improve my energy levels. I was a huge pasta lover and had a sweet tooth- eating at least one chocolate bar, a large one around 100 g a day, buying croissants for breakfast and eating cakes all the time “balancing” it with healthy dinner such as salmon with vegetables, veggie soups, salads… I knew cutting off all the foods I like and going on a drastic diet will not work for me, especially not long term as my goal is to build new healthy eating habits that I can hold to and so instead of cutting pasta and sweets from my diet I have replaced them by better food alternatives- one of my favourite pasta swaps is chickpea pasta as there is no after taste- chickpea pasta tastes almost neutral and has a slide difference in consistence compared to normal pasta but it still taste very good. Last week my working schedule was very full and I finished quite late, so I decided to try chickpea pasta with spicy tomato sauce (store both, no added sugar or colouring), added some dried herbs- the result for a quick 10 minute meal that is actually healthy and comforting was very tasty. After a lunch usually around 3 pm tiredness starts to kick in and I crave something sweet, raw bites -cacao and coconut flavour are my go to healthy swaps for chocolate.

Foods that are allowed:


Fruits (preferred fruit with low glycemic index such as grapefruit)





Gluten free products (check if sugar added)



Natural sweetener (honey, agave…)



Oils (Olive oil, Hemp oil, Coconut oil…)

Seasonings (gluten free, sugar free)


My first day was kind of ok, giving up gluten wasn’t as difficult as I have replaced my favorite pasta with gluten free chickpea pasta, but sugar… I was craving chocolate and sweets all day long. In the fridge I had a small bag of frozen pineapple and had some pure high quality cocoa powder in kitchen pantry. (Frozen pineapple with cocoa powder on the top) – it was quite delicious and satisfied my cravings. (spread frozen pineapple on a plate, let defrost for few minutes, or completely defrost if you prefer that and sprinkle unsweetened cocoa powder on the top).

Second day was easier, I had an omelet with herbs and a side of salat (cucumber, tomato seasoned with gluten free, sugar free, no coloring…. Vegetable seasoning). As a snack raw cocoa bar, gluten free corn crackers and for dinner chickpea pasta with some herbs and zucchini. On second day a light headache kicked in as my body was already detoxifying from sugar.

On third day sugar cravings were completely gone- for breakfast I had some carrot juice (carrot and lemon), followed by chickpea protein pancake (salty) with hummus and cucumber, later on chia cocoa avocado pudding with blueberries and for dinner some roasted veggies with yellow mustard.

Daily water intake: 2-3 liters

*As it is quite hot now, I do drink more water, skinny iced coffee (recipe link), infused water (recipe link) and crave less food thanI usually would.

Overall I started to feel more energised than before.

First Month - Update

First month of gluten free- sugar free detox/ diet is behind me and surprisingly it was and still is easier than I would have thought at the beginning. The main reason for quick adaption to this new diet is also a large variety of foods that are sugar free and gluten free available in most of the food stores. In terms of weight I lost around 4 kgs and most importantly I have lots of energy.

My favourite foods:

  • greek salad (recipe link)
  • tuna salad or tuna stuffed avocado(recipe link)
  • chickpea pasta with any kind of veggies and caned tomatoes (mostly zucchini + mushrooms + canned tomatoes + dried herbs+ little bit of olive oil)
  • hummus with vegetables (1 can of chickpeas, lemon juice of 1 lemon, salt and 2 Tbsp of olive oil- put all in blender, if the texture is to dry add some water)
  • chocolate bounty bowl (3 Tbsp coconut flour, 1 tbsp chia seed, 1 Tbsp flaxseeds/ the ones that are made into more like a powder, smaller pieces, 1 Tsp cocoa powder, 2 Tsp honey, Milk or nut milk (your mixture should be still bit wet but not runny)- add to fridge for 1-2 hours and enjoy